Dragon Forge is the studio of Melbourne blacksmith artist Matthew St George.

Matthew has over 20 years experience in blacksmithing and is someone who puts a lot of consideration, professionalism and effort into each and every project. He loves what he does, is a decent and reasonable person to deal with, and always aims to produce works of the finest quality.

If you wish to have him create something for you, rest assured that he will do his utmost to work with you to produce the best possible outcome for you and everyone else involved in the project.

Also, some of the work Matthew does includes repairs, restorations, modifications, stands, supports, frameworks – practical things that aren’t always particularly artistic (though sometimes very much are), but still require considerable creativity & problem-solving skills, as well as an understanding of things like metal properties, visual balance, structural considerations & historical techniques (where relevant).


dragon forge studio

Matthew in his studio. Photograph by Jacquie Starr.