extra long fire tools - poker and tongs - with serpent handle and a twist in the shaft

SERPENT COIL These fire tools (extra long in this example) feature a coiled handle with the tapered tail running down the shaft. The entire shaft and functional ends are formed from square bar. In this example, each shaft includes a decorative twist.

DRAGON CLAW These fire tools are hand forged from top to bottom, and feature a claw coiling down from the handles, with another claw cradling the rear of the shovel.

CORK SCREW - KICK SCROLL This design is a variation on the classic corkscrew. It features a kick scroll at the base of the handle for added control (keeps your hands from slipping down the shaft).

DIAMOND CLASSIC This tapered design is very clean and quite striking, and features polished edges that continue all the way down the shaft. These tools are particularly suited to contemporary settings.

DIAMOND NOTCHED This tapered design is a more complex variation on the DIAMOND CLASSIC. The handle is notched most of the way down the taper.

marshmallow fork

MARSHMALLOW FORK This 3 pronged fork is hand forged from top to bottom, and includes a distal taper for added balance. The latest design of this fork is photographed below. It is sitting in the Trinity Cradle Stand at the foot of this page.

cascading curves fire tools on trident cradle stand

CASCADING CURVES These unique, hand forged fire tools taper at the handle and feel very comfortable in the hand. They are featured here sitting in a Trinity Cradle Stand.

trinity cradle stand for fire tools

TRINITY CRADLE STAND This stand holds three fire tools with tapered handles, and in this photograph, features the Cascading Curves fire tools.

trinity cradle stand base and marshmallow fork


Poke, stoke, shovel and enjoy with these attractive fire tools.

As well as being extremely useful for the safety and maintenance of your fireplace, our hand forged fireplace tools and hooks will add significant visual interest to your wood burning setting.

Give Matthew a call to discuss your practical requirements and design preferences, and/or use the contact form to upload some images or sketches if you have a specific design in mind.




Corkscrew – Kick Scroll handle with round bar shaft $100

Corkscrew – Tapered Tail handle (awaiting photograph) with round bar shaft $120

Diamond Classic tapered handle with square bar shaft $150

Diamond Notched tapered handle with square bar shaft $200

Cascading Curves tapered handle with round bar shaft (the photographs at the foot of this page feature this style in the Trident Cradle Stand) $200

Serpent Coil handle with round or square bar shaft $230

Dragon Claw handle with forged shaft $280



Twist detail in the shaft (square bar shafts only) Add $20 per shaft

Hand forged Shovel – approx. 150mm wide at the blade Add $75 to poker price

Hand forged Rake/Ash Hoe (awaiting photograph) Add $30 to poker price

Hand forged Marshmallow Fork (3 prongs) Add $75 to poker price

Marshmallow Fork with distal taper in shaft Add $125 to poker price

Hand forged Tongs 2 x poker price + $50



These are threaded ready to be screwed into wall plugs.

Hand forged Dragon Claw Wall Hook $45 per hook



Matthew is currently developing a stand with hooks for all fire tools with loops on the end of the handle.

The Trinity Cradle Stand listed below is for fire tools with tapered handles (no loops). It is hand forged and features three tapered cradles for the fire tools to sit in, a tripod base with sheet metal fashioned over it, and a comfortable handle at the top for easy relocation.

Trinity Cradle Stand (see photographs below) $570